Friday, June 4, 2010

Lot's of Maternity Tissue!

Christian tries to assure me that it's just maternity tissue, but that doesn't make me feel any better! Ugh, my fingers are swollen too!

We went to our doctors appointment yesterday and when they tried to hear her heartbeat she kept kicking the monitor so we weren't able to hear it. She has done this every time we have tried, the nurse looked at me and said " I hope this isn't what's to come"! Oh no, she has to much of her mom in her already!

We also went to the hospital and took a tour of the Maternity Center. The rooms were so beautiful and the nurses were sweet, then we headed to the recovery center where you also have your own room, Flat screen T.V.'s and chairs that turn into a beds for dad's. Christian was very excited.

I am getting a little more nervous as time moves on, but I try to remember that there is no point in stressing since I can't do anything about it. Man, this mom thing is tough!


Anonymous said...

Jessica! When are you due? You look so good and by the way I love the name you chose.. if my husband would have let me that would have been what our first daughters name was but he wouldn't let me have it.. stinker.. hope all is going well for you. by the way, send me your email on fb and I will add you to our blog. ttyl

AJ said...

Hi, Jessica! Aunt Amy here. I, too, brought up the name Fiona, but Eric is stubborn...and we'd started a pattern, but I as a middle name could've worked. I really like the name you chose! You look adorable!! And, YES, listen to Christian--mamas add on lots of maternity tissue. Oh, by the way--re: "Man this mom thing is tough," Yep, you're right, but YOU CAN DO IT! And you will be great at it. AND, you won't be alone --you've got great women who've gone before you--your mom & his, Kerstin, who'll help you along. ...Plus, you'll get LOTS of advice (you probably already have), especially for the first baby that you don't ask for. Some I got was so ridiculous, but it just got annoying & I confided in Aunt Sydney on that. From her advice, I would tell myself, 'most people really mean well; they're trying to be helpful' & let it just float on by me! You'll have that instinct to help you, too, you know? Looking forward to seeing el bebito!