Friday, October 21, 2011

Family update

Fiona is sleeping for the moment so I thought I would jump on here and do my yearly update.

Our family has been flourishing to say the least. We are now 25 weeks pregnant with a boy, his name will be Nolan Clark Briggs and we sure are surprised/excited. Our family just won't stop growing... What?... it's not my fault (;

Fiona had her first birthday last month and we are sad she is growing so fast! It truly is just a blink of an eye until you say "HEY, what happened?"! She is very well behaved, especially for her daddy(: Christian and Fiona are the best of friends and we'll just say I'm chopped liver when he's around. Their favorite activity is to tickle each other, which I must say I am glad NOT to be apart of(my bladder is not like it used to be).

Christian is loving school (which is great, because he'll be doing it for another 4 years)! He is currently studying for Moot Court and I'm sure he will do just amazing. He has also been working out like a mad man and put on 15 pounds (Unfortunately, so have I, but I don't look as good).

I have been great. I think this whole mommy thing has totally changed my outlook on life. It is so odd to me that all of a sudden you can't go one second without thinking about your baby. I always think, "What the heck was I doing before I had children?". I must admit, I miss being selfish sometimes (not to surprising if you know me). The mommy job truly is sacrificing everything you have for ones children. Which is totally awesome, except for your brain sacrifice, I really miss it, I think it would benefit my children in more ways than one if I could get it back. We can only hope.

The Briggs family is blessed beyond measure and feel very grateful to have such amazing friends and family!

Till next year! (;