Thursday, July 15, 2010

What a month!

Well it's been awhile. This month was full of fun and also not so much fun. We got to have our baby shower in Cali, go to the river with the family and move into a "Less Ghetto Trailer".

I loved my baby shower... my mom did a great job with the decorating. I will post pictures as soon as I get them. We got tons of seriously adorable clothes and super fun handmade stuff.

The river was also a blast! Christian loved loved loved wake-boarding and giving me a heart attack by jumping off giant rocks. I loved eating buffets (:

When we returned to the "Ghetto Trailer"... there was mold all over our bathroom. When we called the landlord to come and take care of it he thought it was to much work to fix it and decided to tell us just to find somewhere else to live because we were asking to much of him. HE was horrible. So then, we found a new place about 5 miles out of town and moved.

During the move our car broke down. We had to bum a lot of rides. Basically we still don't have our car back after spending 700 dollars. Really crappy.

At least were out of that dump. Just 2 more months till baby Fiona comes. Exciting!!!

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