Thursday, May 27, 2010

Trailer Trash??? Heck ya! Now where are my Christmas lights?

These are some pictures of our HUMBLE abode. I was thinking it would be fun for everyone to see where we live. Our trailer is a fleshy pink and poop brown. This picture is the very front ( We still have not taken the fake cob webs down from the people that have lived here before us, but I figure it will scare away any unwanted guests.)

Above: This is the side/front of the house, those stairs lead to our front door. I really like the siding, don't you?

The above picture if a close up of the front of our house. Now, I think this is great, we could technically tow away our house (if it only had wheels...darn, I'd love to show this baby off to everybody)!

Above: O.K., now here is the great story about this shed. It's Sunday morning at about 11:00, (Christian and I sleep in because church starts at 1:00) so we hear a knock on the door, it was not a small knock, it was a big one. Christian gets out of bed and answers the door in his P.J.'s while I listen from the room. I hear a woman say to him " Hey my name is (Whatever it was) I used to live here and were coming for our shed. Now, this would not have been funny if the shed was worth more than $2.50, but given that it's housed used toilets for the time we have lived here and is made of plywood, it's freaking hilarious. So of course my sweet husband see's nothing wrong with giving her the toilet house and he says "o.k., let me get our stuff out of there" ( There was 2 bikes and some of his punching bag stuff). I look out the window from my room and there is about 13 people of all ages carrying my stuff out of this shed, they looked exactly like a modern Beverly Hillbillies Family, they were all wearing tweety bird type shirts from Walmart and had few teeth to spare .. you know what I mean. Anyways, I get my clothes on and walk outside and all of a sudden we hear our Landlords voice all the way from the other side of the yard, yelling at the top of his lungs " You can't take the shed, it's mine!!" The hillbilly family all drops our stuff they were carrying out and ran over to him. They yelled back and forth for a while Christian and I just about peed our pants... then we heard, "I'm calling the cops!" . We sat and looked at eachother and thought SERIOUSLY? To end this increadably long story, the cop got there faster than you can dial 911 and basically said to the Hillbillys, that they left it here so if they want it back they have to get a lawyer and go to court. So her their parting words were " See you in court!!!" All over the shed that cost less to build than for them to drive over and get it! Ahhhh, welcome to the trailer park!
Above: This is the right side of our little yard. The swing set wont fit my big butt and is about a thousand years old ( I really don't feel like moving it since it goes so well with the weeds). Christians punching bag in the middle of the yard to threaten burglars and of course the shed made of plywood. I actually did not take a picture of the garden that's to the right of the shed because I actually want to have plants there.
Above: This is looking in (half way) to our park. Our house is the one on left with the big sequoia. Breathtaking!! :)

Above: Is the view out of our trailer park (which is where I would like to be) LOL!

Above: This is the hip kitty of the trailer park... Bubba! He is blind in his left eye and also has his left ear sewn on. Christian thinks he is the king of the cats and wants them all to come into our house and give us worms. I know, I know, he means well.

The sign says it all! This was from my very pretty Grandma P!


SarahLynn said...

I have to tell you Brock and I laughed so hard at this story. Thanks for sharing. I would have been sooooooo stinken scared.

The Warrens said...

HAHA!!! I can picture the faces you were making! haha love you! Jessica I am so glad you guys have your own place now, and you inspired me to start using my blog and my mom is so glad cause she doesnt always get the info from me that she wants. I miss you so o much and i cant wait to see you for your shower! I love you!!

shawna said...

love your little house and your darling blog. cant wait to see that new baby, and i just might come out for the shower!! lets keep in touch, cute girl!